Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sale: Monster High Collection..
I decided to go ahead and give ebay another go as far as clearing out the Monster Highs that I need to rehome. I just started listing and will be throughout the day and probably tomorrow to space it out and give some breathing room. I have done my best to make sure they all come with what they originally came with or if not at least a stand and comb. I will be double checking my list once i get home and have them in my hand since I have sold a few things. You can see my auctions here by just clicking HERE.

1. Wave 1 - I repainted her
2. Dawn of the Dance
3. Classroom
4. Killer Style
5. Dead Tired
6. Skull Shores (grey version)
7. Schools out
8. Sweet 1600
9. Skultmate Roller Maze
10. Scary Every After
11. I love Fashion
12. Scaris City of Frights
13. Picture Day - still in box
14. Ghouls Alive 

1. Basic wave 1
2. Killer Style
3. Dead Tired wave 1
4. Dead Tired wave 2
5. Sweet 1600
6. Ghouls Rule - still in box, little dented
7. Dot Dead Gorgeous
8. Scary every after
9. Scaris City of Frights
10. Picture Day
11. Swim Class 

1. Basic wave 1
2. Dead Tired wave 2
3. Sister two pack
4. Sweet 1600
5. Skultimate Roller Maze
6. Scary every after
7. Scaris City of Fights
8. Power Ghouls
9. Ghouls Alive
10. I heart Fashion 

1. Basic wave 1
2. Classroom wave 1
3. Skull Shores
4: Schools out
5: Skultimate Roller Maze
6: Dot Dead Gorgeous
7. Scaris City of Frights
8. Picture Day (have to check if i have)
9. Dance Class
10. Swim Class (have to check if i have)
11. Ghouls night out (have to check if i have) 

1. Schools out
2. Picture Day 

1. Signature Basic - Rerelease
2. Dead Tired wave 2
3. Skull Shores
4. Ghouls rule
5. Skultimate Roller Maze
6. Dot Dead Gorgeous
7. I heart Fashion
8. Picture Day (have to check if i have it) 

1. Dead Tired
2, Skultimate Roller Maze
3. Dot Dead Gorgeous
4. Scaris City of Frights 

1. Signature Basic - Rerelease (have to check if she is sold)
2. Picture Day
3. Power Ghoul
4. Ghouls Alive 

1. Skultimate Roller Maze
2. Dot Dead Gorgeous 

1. Sister to Sister
2. Dance Class 

1. Swim Class Varient (my version has the basics makeup) 

1: Dance Class 

1. Signature Basic wave 4
2. Scaris City of Frights
3. Dance Class 

Meowlody (sister to sister)
Purrsephone (sister to sister)
Toraline (Coffin Bean ver - still in box)

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