Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday: Meet Aoko...

Name: Aoko
Eyes : Dollfie Animetic Eyes Aoko Original Design, Metallic, 24mm
Wig : Borrowing, Maybe Sakura color
Head : Aoko Original Head
Body : DDIII, Normal Skin, L Bust
Faceup: Volks

Relationship: yes with Mariko
Siblings: Only child
Children: None

Personality: Aoko is is a tomboy, athletic and mature. She is devoted to those she loves though she can be a bit naive. She likes reading & swimming.

Aoko was one of my grail dolls and after pretty much residing that I was not going to get her, or at least someday bring her home I was able to. It took some time but I am really grateful that I didn't give up on this girl.  Right now shes borrowing a wig but I feel like its perfect. I even like the pink color on her. Her eyes will stay her default as I do love them which was another reason I wanted her. Again I should decide on actual names for these girls. 


  1. Just a comment on your quiz on the side... You should probably specify a product... because some of those prices are too much for specific product, and some are not enough for certain things, LOL

    1. Yeah I might do more voting as I like finish stuff instead of it off to the side XD Ive just have to figure out some more stuff :3