Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday: Meet Lumi

Name: Lumi
Head: Edge Vanessa
Hair: Default
Body: FR2 (new version)
Faceup: Integrity

Relationship: wife to one of the lords in the north continent.
Siblings: comes from a large family (7 brothers and two sisters)
Children: a son & daughter.

Personality: Strong and independent since her husband is often away with hunts or business. She is skilled in needlework and other activities that are in the north, also having a love for furs and sweets. 

I wasnt really sure about Edge Vanessa. I had been really not feeling it with the type 3 vanessa. There's always something off about her. I think its her forehead plus her lips are not as parted as the 01, which I really love out of the 3 (again...falling for kissy lips). So once I got her she just kinda got put away until I just started trying to throw an outfit together for her. (I have a bad habit in not dressing my dolls). Theres just something about her that I have come to love. I think a lot that helps is her hairstyle does hide that forehead so I dont see it. Plus I love the dark eyes/pale lips combo and she just finally started to come into her own. Im still working on her personality but it will get there.

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