Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday: Meet Mariko...


Name: Mariko
Eyes : Dollfie Animetic Eyes ‘Mariko’ Original Design, Metallic, 22mm
Wig : ‘Mariko’ Original Style, DD Size
Head : ‘Mariko’ Original Head
Body : DDS, Semi-White Skin, M Bust
Faceup: Volks

Relationship: yes with Aoko
Siblings: a little sister (havent decided on name, might be a 06)
Personality: Mariko is a shy girl that likes to read, play board games and play with stuffed animals.

Mariko had really taken my heart so much, especially every time Heather would bring over her own girl (she had the WS version) and we would try different wigs and clothing on her. I really just love what I feel in a way is a sad expression. I also have a thing for dolls with open mouths/lip areas and this just added to her cuteness. I feel that her wig color will stay the same and Ill see about other styles but for now I just like her having her little braids and her eye color might change. I just feel like they get lost with her hair/coloring of her faceup.  I also have a thing about not actually naming my dolls XD...I might need to work on that.

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