Friday, June 28, 2013

Update: Ebay is the devil...

Here a couple things I got this month.
I got this outfit on ebay. It was 58 bucks and was seriously worth it. Its all black velvet and well put together. The top is once piece with little decorate snaps on the back that make straps. One of them I cant seem to resnap, so Im going to see if some of the velvets in the way. The skirt is two pieces. The white ruffle and the overskirt you tie on. The white ruffle on the sleave runs about halfway up the arm. I ended up putting a tshirt on under it to just protect if the top stains at all. Ill eventually get her a body skin, but temperately it will work. (poor Sabers eye fell in XD but i fixed it)

The wig is from Licht. I thought it was going to have a little more blue in it, and both Heather and I got this wig style. I feel that for my girl I should have/from now on need to go with a 9-10 for Saber. I feel it falls more flat at her scalp. So there was a bunch of wigs I kept seeing that I like. I have really come to love gradient wigs >_> I bought this...but right now no one I have looks good in it :/
Theres also some wigs I found on Crobidoll that I might just break down and get sometime. I really like this blue mix. I might also ask some wig makers if they can make that super light/sky blue color that Saber looks good in :/

Now for shoes!
I love these shoes so much. I love the color and the clear platform soles. The strap hooks under the buckle, so theres no having to undo and redo them really, just unhook them. They are fantastic quality and not really pricy. The only thing was that they are listed for a DD, and they dont fit. The DD can wear them, but the shoe is too long to fit the foot, so Xerxes will probably end up wearing them.
Then for 1/6 scale I bought these their just not here yet but you can get them here


  1. The rainbow wig isn't working on anyone here either, LOL... so pretty, and so useless! It works on Pipit, but only because Pipit is crazy, hahaha!

    I love those 1/6 scale shoes, I can't wait to see them in person!

    1. I guess we get to see how it works on the lucy hahaha >_>

  2. Hello from Spain: interesting shopping. I like the black velvet and beautiful wig. Keep in touch

  3. Oohhh! I love those plexy plateau! So stylish!!