Friday, January 24, 2014

New Pickup: Mi World...

I saw on another blog these and decided to give it a try when I found they were about 1:12 scale which would be perfect for the Picco Neemos I have come to love. I picked up the Mi world Sprinkles Cupcake shop and the OPI Nail Salon.
These are just perfect for them, plus I really love how you can stack them and mix and match basically your own mall. I really wish they would make like a HotTopic or Sephora XD.
They are super easy to set up. I think maybe if they even made like a blank/make your own store too that would be interesting. Course I could do that with the kits now by just covering the walls.

I also kept looking at the logo going why is this familiar. Its Jakks Pacific, which makes treats for these Kong toys we carry at work. I just thought that was super funny. I love these and look forward to getting the rest of them and to see where they go with it.


  1. Hello from Spain: great purchases. I like very much. Very real. In my coty this furniture is not for sale. we keep in touch

  2. LOVE THESE!!! I really want the bail polish set XD