Monday, February 10, 2014

Knitty & Purrrl: Monday's Update...

Ive been sitting down with Heather and Tabby and sort of looking at how I want to refocus in a way what this blog has become. Just moreso things like changing my etsy store name, working up some new artwork for it..things like that. So mondays will become my craft update posts.

1) Changing estys name from Diamond Lixalicious to "Knitty&Purrrl". The reason was DL was basically the name of my store when I made jewelry which right now has not been my focus at all. Its a lot easier for me to just knit up something on the fly, play with patterns, then it is making jewelry.

2) I have to decide a day that will become my photostory day, but those will come soon, maybe a Wednesday/Thursday.

3) Take more pictures. I am working on taking one picture a day on instragram, and then setting the weekend to take pictures with my actual camera and models and such. I finally bought myself a tripod, so I just need to get the lighting set up better, but well see how it goes :3

4) and finally for now, Im going to change how I sell things on my etsy. During the month Ill make a certain number of one pattern (but different colors/yarns). Then at the end of the month Ill end up listing the finished pieces on my etsy, instead of offering custom orders. Ill still be opened to custom ones, its just not going to be the focus in my store. So dont be afraid to send me a message if you see something you like and make a request.

So now for the Monday update!
Februarys project: Raglan sleeve turtle neck sweaters 1/10
Personal project: Dollfie Dream high waist skirt

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  1. I like the new store name!! Also, sweater #1 is looking awesome!