Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top 5: Monster High...

So I made a list of my top 5 Fashion Royalty so I decided to now look and make a top 5 of the monster highs I got of 2013. I think the last top 5 might be like random dolls/such that I picked up in the year. I have been collecting the EAH's but only the first initial versions as I am still really on the fence about them, I like seeing them repainted though but I dont love them like the MH. Ive always been into horror and those elements, and I love how creative they take these characters. So here are my top 5 for 2013.
Catrine DeMew
Scarah Screams
Catty Noir (or as I call her Harlow)


  1. Cuties all around... although the Skeleton chick (Skelita?) would have been at the top of my list... I think she's just so awesome XD Robecca Steam and The Venus Flytrap girl too... although maybe those were 2012 releases, I have no idea... I just bought them this last year XD

    I'm really loving their latest girls... I've picked up Honey, the chick with the Sloth, Viperene and Clawdia (that's the name of the blond werewolf sister? yes? no? LOL) and I LOVE them! XD

    1. yeah again theres no order to my list :3 but I think it counts just fine if its when you picked them up :3

      I keep calling Honey Honey booboo XD and I picked up those girls as well as it did fall under my one per mold rule and these are the new molds. Clawdia is Clawdeens older sister :3 I feel like with Clawd, Clawdia, Clawdeen....maybe their dad is like George Foreman in the way of naming his kids XD hhaha